Emergency Action Plan

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Participation in City Athletics, Incorporated (“City Athletics”) facility rental requires acceptance of the following. Should you withdraw and return at a later date, the following waiver and releases remain applicable during your absence and continue upon your return. 

The City Athletics, Incorporated facility (“Facility”) will be equipped to provide certain items (i.e. first aid kit, etc.) that will assist in responding to emergency situations. However, it should be stated that outside groups and organizations may NOT have access to this equipment and will be required to provide their own activity participants accessible first aid equipment and emergency care by trained personnel.


1901 West Tioga Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19140


This 37,183 square foot facility is comprised of a 5700 square foot gym space, 550 square foot activity room, bathrooms, office, vending space, and maintenance rooms that comprise activities managed by City Athletics, Incorporated (“City Athletics”). Note, City Athletics is not in use of the entire facility as it is leased in separate leases by Tioga PA Partners, LLC.
Emergency Equipment

Individuals or Groups with an approved reservation to use the Facility will have access to certain first aid equipment, however, each individual or group using this facility must provide their own primary emergency first aid supplies and equipment. Certain facility equipment may not be readily available in order to respond quickly and effectively.


  • First Aid Kit (including ice packs)
  • Designated “First Responder” for injury to athletes, participants or spectators

Emergency Personnel

This facility is NOT staffed with designated emergency personnel – EACH INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP USING THIS FACILITY MUST IDENTIFY THEIR OWN PERSONNEL that will respond to on-site emergency situations by calling 911 on any phone – the Philadelphia Police Department will determine who to dispatch to the scene via the City of Philadelphia 911 system.

Role of First Responder

It is expected that individuals or groups using the Facility will follow an approved method (i.e Red Cross, etc.) when engaging the need for emergency personnel. The following is a sample method approved by the American Red Cross:

  • Control the Scene : Survey and assess the safety of the scene prior to engaging the injured in emergency care.
  • Assessment of the Injured : Begin by surveying the injured person’s breathing, consciousness and pulse before taking an inventory on the extent of other injuries.
  • Call for Help : Send/instruct another coach or adult to summon assistance via 911
  • Initiate Immediate Care : Provide first aid to the injured person.

EMS Access

Once emergency personnel makes contact with Emergency Medical Services (“EMS”), they must designate an individual to meet the EMS at the entrance to the Facility.

Inform City Athletics

If EMS is contacted to respond to the scene, City Athletics, Inc. must be notified within 24 hours of occurrence.

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