Born Leader Family

Basketball Development Program

Who We Are

Led by Tasheed Carr, the Born Leader Family (BLF) Basketball Development Program is housed at and powered by City Athletics, Inc. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Tasheed is the founder and co-owner of the lifestyle brand - Born Leader Family. After excelling in basketball throughout his early education, Tasheed played NCAA Division I basketball at Iowa State University for two years. He then continued to his basketball career at St. Joe’s University where he ultimately obtained his college degree. 

As a mentor and basketball development coach, Tasheed enjoys working with young players and helping them grow as players and as people. The Born Leader Family Basketball Development Program is his way of continuing his love for the sport of basketball, his method of giving back to his Philadelphia community, and his avenue to assist in raising leaders both on and off the court.

Tasheed Carr

"I have played the game of basketball my entire life and it has meant so much to me. Besides it being a game, it has aided me in real life as there are many parallels in playing a game and going through life. Leadership, perseverance, team work, preparation, character being a few.”
Tasheed Carr

What BLF Offers

BLF offers the following training and development services at the City Athletics facility:

  • Individual
  • Small Group
  • Large Group
  • College Prep
  • Basketball Clinics

BLF’s expertise is meeting the development needs of each individual player in both individual and group settings. All ages and levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced) are welcome!

Born Leader

"I love this game. I have a passion for it that is unmatched. Anytime I get on the court with any young player, on any level I give it my all. I believe in pushing the kids to their physical max, building their confidence and teaching them as much as I know, while continuing to learn as much as I can.”
Tasheed Carr

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